All rules will be as normal FIFA rules, with the exception of the following:


There will be a maximum of 6 players on the playing field at once for each team including a goalkeeper.


The goal-keeping zone (the D) is for the goalkeeper only, no other players will be allowed to enter this zone. If an attacking player enters the zone a free kick anywhere in the D will be awarded. If a defensive player enters the zone a free kick will be awarded 2 meters for the top of the D (this is not a direct free kick and therefore must touch another player apart from the kicker before a goal is scored). The goalkeeper is the only player that can leave and return to his/her D. The goalkeeper can be changed in the same way other players can change but the match official must be made aware of the change (see substitutions).
New Rule: A smaller D will be marked for the 7 and under and 9 and under grades that will be roughly half the size of the standard D. This will make it easier for the younger players to score goals. This semi circle will be marked in a different colour to the main white markings.
There is to be NO punting or drop kicking of the ball from inside the D. During play the ball can be either thrown or rolled to a player or placed on the ground and kicked out of the goal area and cannot go over halfway on the full.
Goal kicks can be taken anywhere inside the D.


All matches will be 12 minutes each way with a 2-minute halftime break. The timing will be run from a central point controlled by a hooter/whistle or siren, any injury or stoppage time will be at the discretion of the organizer.
Teams not ready to start (with a minimum of 4 players) at the sound of the hooter will have 2 minutes to kick-off, or the match will be defaulted and the score recorded as a 3-0 result. A win will be worth 3 points and a draw 1 point.


In the event that there is a clash of playing strip the team named second in the draw will be deemed to be the away team and will be required to change. Some Bibs will be available from the organizer.


All grades will operate with “revolving substitutes” you may make as many substitutions as you like within the squad and players may return to the pitch after previously being substituted.
All substitutions must be made through the match official. The ball should be deemed ‘dead’ but the match official may allow the change during play if he/she deems it necessary.
If a substitution is made without the match official being made aware the player entering will be deemed to be an extra player and the opposition team will be awarded a free kick from the center spot.
If the player is the goalkeeper then an in-direct free kick will be awarded 2 meters from the offending goal.


All judgement of fouls and time will be left solely to the match official.
Players, who are sent off during the course of a game, whether for 2 yellows during the same game (an automatic Red card) or a straight red card, will be suspended for two matches. Any player red carded for a second time during the season will be suspended for the remainder of the competition.


Referees will be provided for as many matches as possible, however in the absence of an official, teams are to organize a referee between them.