Hi everyone

Welcome back to the 2017/18 edition of summer soccer.

We're looking forward to getting back onto the Arena fields with our new season getting under way on the 11th and 12th of October.

For those of you who have previously missed the opportunity to be involved heres a quick rundown of what we do:

Groups can enter as school team or club team (mostly schools at this time of year) or if you have kids who want to play but dont have enough numbers to form a team we will place those children into a team and give them a uniform so no one ever misses out.

Age bands for each grade are 7 and under, 9 and under, 11 and under, 13 and under.

On the day the kids play a 30 minute game between 4 and 6pm on a Wednesday night.

The adults play a 40 minute game between 6pm and 9pm on a Tuesday and Wednesday night.

Their season runs for approximately 15 weeks through to the end of February.

To register please fill in the appropriate forms on the links below:


Indivdual Registration (Only use this if your child is not already part of a team)

Team Registration




Also please like and get your players to like our FB page as this will help with getting info out to players etc when managers may be unavailable for some reason

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